Better Transportation

I don't need to tell you the traffic is bad. Currently there are only two ways into our neighborhood: Nannie Helen Boroughs Avenue and 295. Both of these routes can get backed up even on a Saturday afternoon-- much less during a weekday rush hour.

I believe that a street connecting Parkside to Benning Road would help fix this problem. The demolition of the Benning Road Pepco plant is a once in a generation opportunity to better connect us with the rest of the district. While Pepco is not yet discussing its plans for the site we must get our ideas on the table.

Access isn't just a matter of convenience, it's also a public safety issue. During heavy rains both the Boroughs Ave underpass and parts of can 295 flood, effectively cutting us off from fire, medical and police services.

During rush hour, the U5 and U6 busses that serve our community are on time only 70% of the time. Metro is currently conducting an assessment of these routes, which may cut down on the number of stops that serve Hayes and Jay Streets. I am opposed to cutting stops unless, 1. It results in the construction of shelters and other infrastructure for the residents of Parkside, Paradise and Mayfair, and 2. Does not impair safety or access to busses.