Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D 6/13/2017 Meeting

I. The meeting was called to order at 6:50pm

II. Roll Call

Commissioner Robert Coomber 7D01
Commissioner Dorothy Douglas, 7D03
Commissioner JoAnne Prue 7D04
Commissioner Sherice A. Muhammad 7D06
Commissioner Justin A. Lini 7D07

Commissioner Siraaj Hasan, 7D02 and Commissioner Janis Hazel, 7D05 were not present

III. Adoption of the Agenda

Commissioner Muhammad moved to amend the agenda to remove Events DC and add Mr. Nordeen of the Office of Attorney General. Commissioner Lini seconded. The Motion passed 5-0-0.

IV. Government Updates

Sandra Lee presented on beahlf of Ward 7 Councilmember Gray. She discussed the Councilmember's Leadership Council meeting.

DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson spoke on his proposed changes to the DC Budget. The Chairman took questions from the commission and community.

V. Arboretum Maryland Avenue Entrance

Commissioner Coomber moved to participate in a letter of support with ANC 5D to reopen the Maryland Avenue entrance of the National Arboretum. Commissioner Muhammad Seconded. The motion passed 3-2-0. Commissioners Douglas and Prue dissented.


VI. BZA Case 19532: Avenue Property LLC Project at 2025 E Street NE

Ms. Millie O'Neal, a 7D01 resident presented an apartment project at 2025 E Street NE.

Commissioner Coomber moved to support a special exception to 2025 E Street NE as designed and presented by Ms. O'Neal. Seconded by Commissioner Muhammad. The motion passed 5-0-0.

VII. Community Announcements

Tanya Hedgepath of DC Water gave an update on the Watts Branch Sewer Rehab Project.

VIII. ZC Case 16-20. Neighborhood Development Corporation project at 3450 Eads Street NE

Adrian Washington presented behalf on of the Neighborhood Development Corporation.

Commissioner Prue moved to decline providing a letter of support for the Eads Street project based on height and density. Commissioner Muhammad Seconded. The motion passed 5-0-0

IX. ZC Cases 05-28 Q, R, S and T. City Interests LLC adjacent to Kenilworth Terrace NE.

Russ Wheeler presented on behalf of City Interests.

Commissioner Muhammad moved to provide a letter of support for 05-28 Q, R, S and T with contingencies for questions of transportation, amenity space, street circulation and the outcome of a retail study. Commissioner Lini seconded. The motion passed 5-0-0

Commission Reports were tabled due to the closure of the Library.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm