Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D 4/11/2017 Meeting

  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:40pm by Chairperson Muhammad.

  2. Roll Call

    Commissioner Siraaj Hasan 7D 02

    Commissioner Dorothy Douglas 7D 03

    Commissioner JoAnne Prue 7D 04

    Commissioner Sherice Muhammad 7D 06 Commissioner Justin Lini 7D 07

    A quorum was established.

  3. Adoption of the Agenda

Commissioner Muhammad moved to adopt the agenda with an amendment to add a SMD report for 7D 03 following the Transportation Committee Report. Commissioner Lini seconded. The motion passed 5-0-0.

IV. Updates from DC Government and Community Organizations, and Announcements.

  1. Captain Green provided an update on behalf of US Park Police. Captain Green introduced himself and Lt. Woods, who are responsible for policing on National Park Serivce Lands in Ward 7. They took questions regarding a homicide in Kenilworth Park, as well as questions about police jurisdictions

  2. Latisha Atkins provided an update on behalf of the Councilmember Vincent Gray. Ms. Atkins provided information on the Councilmember's Ward leadership meetings.

  3. Joy Grednae provided an update on behalf of The Friends of Dorothy I. Height Library. Ms. Grednae introduced herself and announced that the Friends group was seeking volunteers.

  1. Erin Close provided an update on beahlf of Arcadia Mobile markets. Ms. Close announced that the 2017 market season would be beginning on May 16. The market would resume operations at Parkside on Tuesdays and Deanwood on Fridays.

  2. Travis Hughes provided an update on beahlf of the DC Dept of Behavioral Health. He introduced himself and provided the DBH Crisis Hep Line (888) 793- 4357.

  3. Jackie Stanley, who was to present on behalf of DGS, was not present.

  4. Cameron Windham provided an update on behalf of the DC Office of Attorney General. Mr. Windham gave OAG's two year report and took questions on human trafficking.

  5. Baldin Needham announced that DDOT would be giving a presentation on the East Capitol Bridge Project at the ANC 7D Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Meeting.

  6. Adrian Sutton provided an update on behalf of Mayor Bowser. Mr. Sutton discussed the mayor's budget, Nationals Park Academy and the Dump Busters Program. He took questions on the budget.

Commissioner Coomber arrived at 7:01.


a. Neighborhood Development Corporation, (Zoning Commission Case 16-20) Michael Giulioni presented on behalf of the Neighborhood Development Corproration's

project at 3450 Eads Street NW.

Commissioner Muhammad moved to table a letter of support for ZC Case 16-20 until a special meeting to be held on 4/19. Seconded by Commissioner Hasan. The motion passed 6-0-0.

b. City Interests (ZC Cases 05-28Q,R,S)
Johnathan Novak and Russ Wheeler Presented on beahlf of City Interests for their Parkside projects. They annoucned their intention to host a community meeting on the retail portion of the project on 4/26 at a location to be announced.


    1. Commissioner Muhammad moved to adopt a resolution opposing the PEPCO Rate increase. Commissioner Lini seconded.
      Motion passed 6-0-0.

    2. Commissioner Muhammad moved to adopt a resolution establishing a partnership with A Clean Ward 7. Commissioner Coomber seconded. Motion passed 6-0-0.

    3. Commissioner Muhammad moved to table the Commission's Reports. Commissioner Prue seconded.
      Motion passed 6-0-0.


a. Commissioner Muhammad moved to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner

Coomber seconded.
The motion passed 6-0-0.