Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D 3/21/2017 Meeting

ANC 7D hosted a discussion on the City Interests development in Parkside as well as DDOT's proposals for improvements to Kenilworth Avenue/295



I. The meeting was called to order at 6:44pm

II. Roll Call

Commissioner Dorothy Douglas 7D03 Commissioner JoAnne Prue 7D04 Commissioner Sherice A. Muhammad 7D06 Commissioner Justin A. Lini 7D07

Commissioner Janis Hazel, 7D05 communicated that she could not attend the meeting due to an emergency in her SMD.

III. Adoption of the Agenda

Commissioner Lini moved to adopt the agenda with an amendment to add a report of the Standing Committee on Outreach, Grants and Operations at the end of the meeting. Commissioner Douglas seconded. The motion passed 4-0-0.

IV. Government Updates
Adrian Sutton, Ward 7 representative of the Mayor's Office of Community Relations and

Services spoke. Mr. Sutton announced the upcoming State of the District Address.

Ronny Arce, Lieutenant of MPD's 6th District spoke. Lt. Arce provided updated crime statistics, indicating that overall crime was down over the last 30 days. He also noted the shooting at Fort Chaplain Apartments.

Commissioner Siraaj Hasan, 7D02 Arrived
V. Community Concerns and Announcements

Commissioner Douglas announced several cleanups in Ward 7, one on 3/25and the other on 3/26. She also announced the passing of Principle Jones and shared the location of the memorial. Lastly the commissioner also provided information on the Marion Barry Youth Employment Program

Commissioner Lini announced the extension of the comment period for the National Park Service's Anacostia Park Management Plan.

VI. District Department of Transportation projects on 295/Kenilworth Avenue

Presentation from Abdullahi Muhammad and his team spoke on behalf of DDOT. Mr. Muhammad presented a series of phased projects underway on 295. The three projects included short term fixes, long term fixes, and the replacement of the Lorraine Whitlock Bridge. The commission requested for a continuation of the dialogue via the Standing Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Commissioner Bob Coomber, 7D01 arrived. VII. City Interests (ZC Case 05-28P)

Russ Wheeler, Frank Craighill and Jonathan Novak spoke on behalf of City Interests/Parkside LLC proposed apartment project at the corner of Hayes and Kenilworth Terrace NE. They provided an update on the new clauses to the Community Benefits Agreement as well as a presentation from their traffic engineer.

Commissioner Lini moved to approve the agreement with amendments to add a succession clause and amending clause 5 to include the language “agree to report a list of local subcontractors and hires considered versus the total number of subcontractors interviewed.” Commissioner Coomber seconded. The motion passed 5-1-0. Commissioner Hasan dissented.

VIII. Chair's Report

Commissioner Muhammad gave an update.

Commissioner Muhammad moved to draft a letter of support for Gregory Cooper and the Ward 7 farmer's market. Commissioner Douglas seconded. The motion passed 6-0-0.

Ms. Latisha Atkins, Constituent Services for Vincent Gray was invited to give an update.

She discussed the Councilmember's actions regarding illegal demolition on the 4300 Block of Minnesota Ave NE, as well as advocating for an extension to the National Park Service Comment Period. The commission applauded Ms. Atkins' support.

IX. Secretary's Report

Commissioner Lini moved to table the Secretary and Treasurer's reports until the April 11th meeting. Commissioner Muhammad seconded. The Motion passed 6-0-0.

X. Report of the Standing Committee on Outreach, Grants and Operations

Commissioner Muhammad moved to appoint Marcel Sullivan to the committee. Commissioner Douglas seconded. The Motion passed 6-0-0.

XI. Adjournment

Commissioner Lini moved to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Muhammad seconded. The Motion passed 6-0-0.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:28pm