Proposed Apartments at Hayes and Kenilworth Terrace (05-28P)

If you've seen the Grove, then this building will be familiar. It's a more upscale version of that building.

A rendering of building as seen from Kenilworth Terrace.

It's an 8 story building (on the side facing Kenilworth Terrrace) that steps down to 6 stories (facing Parkside Place) It will have 197 Apartments, with 86 parking spaces in an underground garage. The building will be 100% Market rate. It will feature a courtyard, a business center, a lounge and rooftop deck. All units will have 1 or 2 bedrooms, or will be studio units. There are no 3 bedroom units planned.

How will people get in and out of the building? The front door of the building will be at the corner of Kenilworth terrace and Cassell Place. The entrance to the parking garage will be on Hayes street. A loading area will be on Parkside Place facing the loading area for Chavez School.


Developer's timetable: They want to break ground in fourth quarter 2017. Construction is estimated to take 18 months.

This building is part of the Parkside Planned Unit Development. This means the developer is coming to the community to seek support for the following:

They are adjusting the height of the building, lowering it on Kenilworth Terrace and raising it on Parkisde place. They are adjusting the number of units upwards from 160 to 197. They are reducing the number of parking spaces from 96 to 86. In addition there are some technical requirements that they are seeking relief about such as size of side yards, lot occupancy, and a requirement to include a formal loading area.

Parking; My concerns regarding parking were largely satisfied by the Traffic Study. Features of this plan such as un-bundling parking, as well as the suggestion to deploy metered parking surrounding the project should help address this issue.

Construction Noise and Construction Traffic: Given the difficulties encountered by residents during the construction of the Parkside 2 town homes this is a major priority.  While most understand that there is going to be a certain amount of noise, there were no mechanisms in place to handle complaints with K. Hovnanian. Consequently this led to frequent complaints with DC government and on more than one occasion fines levied against K. Hov. This was a very inefficient way of resolving problems- both for us and for K. Hov.

All construction parking and staging should be located away from the townhomes on Parkside Place as well as Mayfair Mansions. City Interests or their construction company identify a staff member responsible for receiving calls from neighbors about nuisances. A phone number and email address should be displayed on site. The builder must notify the community of any disruptions to traffic or loud phases of construction ahead of time. No construction traffic should be routed down Parkside Place or Cassell beyond the immediate area of the site. The construction traffic plan, as well as contact information should be presented to the community at a public meeting of the Parkside Civic Association. Ideally we should develop a mechanism for handling these concerns that we can carry through to future projects in Parkside.

Damage to surrounding property: At other projects in ANC 7D (Kenilworth Courts Revitalization and Valor Development’s Minnesota Ave project) developers/construction companies have agreed to reimburse neighbors for damage caused by vibration and other damage. This has been implemented by documenting their current status of properties before construction. 

This issue is more salient for the as of yet un-proposed projects on Parkside place. However, Chavez PCHS is adjacent to this site, as are several buildings in Mayfair Mansions. Have you made contact with the property managers at these sites?

Improved communications; We would like to have more frequent dialogue as the larger portions of this project come closer to fruition. City Interests or the general contractor should send a representative to Parkside Civic Association meetings on a quarterly basis, or as major initiatives are about to begin. At the November ANC 7D meeting, Mr. Fuller suggested using the website as a method for delivering updates on the project. This would be a very helpful step for getting more information out there. We also need a point of contact that residents can contact should they have concerns about construction.

Employment Opportunities for community residents: At last fall's Parkside Civic Association meeting there was some discussion on coordinating with the community on jobs. I would like to continue this discussion with the Board of the Parkside Civic Association as well as several partners working on these issues in the community. The Civic Association is forming a committee on economic development issues, and several other community members are developing partnerships with DOES that would create a pipeline for residents in DOES programming to be paired up with jobs in the area.

Transportation Issues: At the ANC 7D meeting the commission reiterated its desire to see more car sharing and bike sharing. Commissioner Hazel indicated that this was requested by the Commission when City Interests presented the Grove several years ago. Has City Interests done any more research on how these can be implemented in the PUD at large?

I would like to see a shelter for the bus stop at the corner of Hayes and Kenilworth included in the site plans. DC has fairly strict guidelines on where it will build shelters, however this is an opportunity to provide a shelter which will be an amenity for residents of the building rather than waiting two or three years after the fact for data and budgets to catch up. I am also pleased to see the inclusion of a digital display showing the arrival times for metro. Will this display include the U5/U6 bus routes? Many residents use these bus routes for going to the shopping center on Minnesota Avenue and Benning Road.