Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D 5/10/2016 Meeting

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:43 pm by Chairperson Muhammad.


  1. Commissioners Roll Call/ Establishment of a Quorum:

Commissioner Sherice A. Muhammad, SMD 7D06, Chairperson

Commissioner Claude B. McKay, SMD 7D04, Secretary

Commissioner Siraaj Hasan, SMD 7D02, Vice Chairperson

Commissioner Janis Hazel, SMD 7D05

Commissioner Bob Coomber, SMD 7D01

Quorum Present.



    1. Motion to Adopt Agenda with Amendment to Replace EventsDC Presentation with DC Board of Elections Presentation moved by Commissioner Muhammad, carried unanimously.



    1. Mr. Joseph Lee regarding church parking spaces at 1105 46th St. NE:

      1. Motion to Render Letter of Support of Lot at 1105 46th St. NE Being Used as Church Parking Spaces moved by Commissioner Muhammad, carried by vote of 4 to 1:

        1. In favor: Commissioners Hasan, McKay, Muhammad, and Coomber.

        2. Opposed: Commissioner Hazel.


    1. Johnathan Rogers, DDOT, Regarding Vision Zero DC Innitiative

      1. Vision Zero DC seeks to achieve zero fatal injuries among all travelers: bike riders, car drivers, and pedestrians.

      2. Crash injury data provided for years 2010-2014.

      3. Eastern Avenue, East Capital Street, and Benning Road are labeled “hot spots” for danger of injuries.

      4. Strategies and tools for Vision Zero were outlined and explained.

      5. Contact information provided:; (202) 741-5960


*Commissioner Dorothy Douglas, SMD 7D03, Sergeant at Arms arrived at 7:05pm*


    1. Motion to Move Deputy Mayor Courtney Snowden to PRESENTATIONS from COMMUNITY UPDATES moved by commissioner Muhammad, carried unanimously


    1. Courtney Snowden, Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity, to provide information on Mayor Bowser’s “Fair Shot Budget”:

      1. Big investments have been made in Education, including:

        1. $5.2 Mil more to UDC Community College

        2. $8.6 Mil for 0-3 year old/toddler care

        3. $100 Mil in Affordable Housing Trust Fund

        4. $12 Mil for third-party ambulances

        5. Close to $50 Mil for improvement to schools in Ward 7 including Aton, Houston, Kimball, Ron Brown and Smothers.

      2. This budget is the lowest growth budget in 15 years.

      3. Information provided about Aspire to Entrepreneurship and Empower 500 innitiatives.


    1. Pamela Champ, DC Board of Elections:

      1. Provided a summary of key information for upcoming Primary Election on June 14, 2016.

      2. Reminder that General Election will take place November 8th

      3. Early voting for Primary Election is May 31-June 11, 2016.

      4. Contact information provided:; (202) 727-2525.


    1. Dr. Sharon Lewis, DC Department of Health, Health Regulation and Licensing Administration, Discussion regarding Phyto Management licensing for medical marijuana dispensary:

      1. Regulations regarding medical marijuana date back to 2011.

      2. The difference between a dispensary and a cultivation center is that you cannot buy from a cultivation center; it is a closed site.

      3. The timeline and regulations for application for a cultivation center are as follows:

        1. A letter of intent is filed.

        2. Applications are received and reviewed by a panel including representatives from:

          1. Department of the Environment

          2. Department of Health

          3. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs

          4. Department of Real Estate

          5. Office of the Attorney General

        3. Applications with a score of 150 are sent to the director, then, sent before ANC for comment.

        4. Applications can be moved forward with a score over 150 (ANC comment is weighed into score).

      4. Security of cultivation center is mandated and inspected by DOH.

      5. Employees are vetted.

      6. The center is not open to the public.

      7. There will not be any signage.

      8. Discussion:

        1. Commissioner Hazel: Where exactly is the site?

          1. Response: 1215 Kenilworth Avenue NE

        2. When did this ANC get notice of the cultivation center application?

          1. Response: ANC was given the notice September 24, 2015; a Response was sent from ANC 7D on October 21, 2015. ANC 7D’s response was in opposition. The Score of the ANC’s comment was included in weighing the score of the application.

        3. Commissioner Coomber: As ANC, there is a frustration in not knowing what Great Weight was given to our position.

          1. Response from Counsel, Mr. Husbands: We acknowledge that the mayor gives ANC score counts up to 50 of 200 points. The score was impacted by ANC 7D’s resolution.

        4. Commissioner Muhammad: Request to see description of scoring-point process in regulatory materials.

          1. Response: Regulations are posted in 22c DCMR.

        5. Javier Baker: What is the distance from a daycare or school that is permissible?

          1. Response: the distance reflected in regulations is 300 feet measured from any corner of the cultivation center to any pre-school, primary or secondary school, or recreation center. For daycares, halfway houses, and/or substance abuse centers, ANC’s get to comment, but there is no precise distance.

        6. Greg Rhett: What type of support has been provided to Phyto Management, and how many cultivation centers are in DC today?

          1. Response: 7 have been approved and are in operation.

        7. Greg Rhett: Councilmemebr Alexander, Do you support this location?

          1. Response from Counsel Member Alexander: If it is according to the law, yes. If it is next to a daycare center, then, no



    1. Treasurer’s Report (read in Commissioner Lini’s absence):

      1. Motion to Approve Secretary’s Report moved by Commissioner Muhammad, carried unanimously.


    1. Secretary’s Report (Commissioner McKay)

      1. Motion to Approve April 12, 2016 General Meeting Minutes moved by commissioner McKay, carried by vote of 5 to 1:

        1. In Favor: Commissioners Muhammad, Hasan, Coomber, McKay, and Hazel.

        2. Opposed: Commissioner Douglas



    1. Wendell Felder, Ward 7 MOCR:

      1. Alleypalloza has started; Moyors Office seeks to partner with commissioners for summer events.

    2. Julia Irving, Community Outreach Coordinator for MPD Sixth District:

      1. An arrest has been made in the case of a recent shooting in Paradise Apartments.



    1. Due to Primary Election Voting in conflict with our regularly scheduled June meeting date, the next ANC meeting will be rescheduled. Details will be forthcoming.

  2. Motion to adjourn moved at 9:07pm by Commissioner Muhammad, carried unanimously.