Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D 9/9/2015 Meeting

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D Minutes (unofficial)
Public Meeting
Tuesday, September 9, 2015


I. Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by Chairperson Muhammad
II. Commissioners Roll Call/Establishment of a Quorum:

Commissioner Justin Lini, SMD 7D07, Treasurer
Commissioner Dorothy Douglas, SMD 7D03, Sergeant at Arms (by phone)
Commissioner Sherice A. Muhammad, SMD 7D06, Chairperson
Commissioner Janis D. Hazel, SMD 7D05
Commissioner Bob Coomber, SMD 7D01
Commissioner Siraaj Hasan, SMD 7D02, Vice Chair
Quorum Present

Commissioner Claude B. McKay, SMD 7D04, Secretary arrived at 6:40pm

III. Motion to approve agenda with amendment to move presentations to follow commissioner roll call moved by Commissioner Lini, carried unanimously

A. Jonathan Novak, Principal; Lidia Bardhi, Associate; Frank Craighill, Associate: Parkside Stage I PUD Extension by City Interests LLC. Background and update provided on the mixed used development. See attachment.
i. Comments from the public
1. Will the community be provided a list of retailers interested in the site?
a. Response: We do not currently have a list. At some point in the future we will have details, once letters of intent are secured for the 25,000 feet of retail.
2. Rochelle Gray: We have been talking about retail since 2007, but there is still none secured. How long before the community receives benefit?
a. City Interests: Up to 50,000 Square feet of retail was approved as part of the PUD. This is a transit oriented development and it is handicapped because the pedestrian bridge has not been built. That is the fault of DDOT.
3. Javier Barker: What will be the height of buildings G, H and F? How will weight affect the water table.
a. City Interests: Water table is not an issue of these buildings. Displacing water to other buildings is not a worry, but there are other problems encountered in building Parkside.
4. Commissioner Douglas: "I commend City Interests for adding to the quality of life in our community. I hope employment of our community will be a consideration as the project goes on."

B. Courtney Snowden, Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity
i. Provided description of the roles and responsibilities of the newly created office: "To think about creating pathways for people in all industries to move up."
ii. Described three steps to fix DOES:
a. Train people for jobs that exist today, and will exist tomorrow.
b. Make sure industry informs training
c. Create a comprehensive workforce system
iii. Highlighted examples of workforce advocacy in Mayor Bowser's administration
iv. Announced September 23 event at 2235 Shannon Place SE

C. Kurt Wierstall, Valor Development; Meridith Moldenhauer, Griffen, Murphy, Moldenhauer and Wiggens, LLP: Proposed Development at 4409 Minnesota Ave NE. Provided proposed plans to develop a currently vacant lot. See attachment. Requested a letter of support from Commission 7D
i. Comments from the public
1. Annett Waters, purchased home from Valor: "Currently in a lawsuit against Valor Development over the quality of their construction"
2. Commissioner Lini: How has the community responded to the density.
a. Response: Widths of lots are wider than a lot of current homes
3. Commissioner Coomber suggests shorter streetlights will illuminate the sidewalk instead of the street
4. JoAnne Prue: When is the proposed completion date.
a. Response: 2018
5. Commissioner Douglas: We have not received report on environmental impact
a. Response: "The 80 page document will be drop boxed to ANC 7D within a day."
6. Commissioner Hasan: Commission should not move forward with a letter of support without the Phase 1 environmental report
a. Response "The phase 1 environmental report does not impact the spacing of homes"
7. Commissioner Hasan: What is the benefit to the community?
a. Response: "Minnesota Ave does not become a legal street, and a park will be created for a playground."
8. Commissioner Hasan: A 2007 Environmental Assessment report cites that the area has potential for hazardous contamination.
9. Meredith Mouldenhauer (Valor Development) "Griffen, Murphy, Mouldenhauer and Wiggins LLP sent draft letter of support last Thursday"
10. Commissioner Muhammad: "We cannot vote in good faith without the phase 1 environmental report. Commission 7D can hold a special meeting after the receipt of the phase 1.

V. Motion to move community updates up to follow presentations. Moved by Chairperson Muhammad, carried unanimously

VI. Wendell Felder, MOCORS, Community Update. Mr. Felder announced the completion of Alleypallooza Phase 1, and announced Mayor Bowser's Strong Safety DC Plan.

a. Treasurer's report by Commissioner Lini
i. Commission 7D has been made whole with the 4th quarter allotment of $3,896.32
ii. Commission 7D has regained possession of the checkbook
iii. Suggestion: "Next order of business should be to hire an office manager"
iv. Commissioner Hazel departed the meeting at 9:25pm.
v. Motion to approve third quarter report. Moved by Commissioner Lini, carried by unanimous vote of the six remaining commissioners.
vi. Motion to authorize expenditure of $253.40 to Xerox. Moved by commissioner Lini, carried unanimously.
b. Motion to adopt June 2015 General Meeting Minutes, moved by Commissioner Lini, carried unanimously.

VIII. Motion to adjourn moved by Chairperson Muhammad at 9:36pm, carried unanimously.