Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D 5/12/2015 Meeting

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D Minutes (Unofficial)

Public Meeting

Tuesday, May 12, 2015




  1. Meeting called to order at 6:39 pm by Chairperson Muhammad.

  2. Commissioners Roll Call/ Establishment of a Quorum:

Commissioner Claude B. McKay, SMD 7D04, Secretary

Commissioner Justin Lini, SMD 7D07, Treasurer

Commissioner Dorothy Douglas, SMD 7D03, Sargent at Arms

Commissioner Sherice A. Muhammad, SMD 7D06, Chairperson

Commissioner Janis D. Hazel, SMD 7D05

Commissioner Bob Coomber, SMD 7D01

Commissioner Siraaj Hasan, SMD 7D02, Vice Chair

Quorum Present.


  1. Adoption of Agenda:

    1. Motion to add agenda item for Review of Resolution 1119 moved by Commissioner Muhammad, carried unanimously.

    2. Motion to add agenda item for Change of Meeting Time moved by Commissioner Muhammad, carried by 4:2 majority; Commissioners Coomber and Hazel abstained.

    3. Motion to Adopt Agenda as Amended moved by Commissioner McKay, moved unanimously.

  2. Motion to adopt April General Meeting Minutes moved by commissioner McKay, carried by 6:1 majority; Commissioner Hazel abstained.



    1. Chairperson’s Report by Chairperson Muhammad:

      1. Resolution 1119 in opposition of Pepco-Excelon introduced by Chairperson Muhammad.

        1. Question from Commissioner Hazel: “What has been the response form respective communities?”

        2. Commissioners Lini, Hasan, McKay, Coomber, Hazel, Muhammad report that presentations for and against the merger have been made in the communities, and the community consensus is against the merger.

        3. Motion to Adopt Resolution 1119 in Opposition of Pepco Excelon Merger moved by Commissioner Lini, carried unanimously.

      2. Meeting Times and Schedules, a discussion including the public:

        1. Ms. Liz Pecot: In the future consider moving from 2nd Tuesday of the month to avoid conflict with other commission meetings.

        2. Commissioner Lini: Maybe move Public Meeting time once the venue changes to avoid too many changes for the public.

        3. Commissioners Douglas and Hasan echo points made by Commissioner Lini.

        4. Commissioner Hazel: 7D Commission has not been in keeping with the law in notification of the public, so Executive Committee meetings need to be held earlier in order to better inform the public of the agenda. Regarding time of the Public Meeting, we should not move to 7pm in consideration of the public. The location that best suits our purposes is the DOES building because of transportation and proximity to 7D office. We should constitute a committee for these issues.

        5. Motion to move the Executive Committee Meeting to the last Tuesday of the month and table the rescheduling of the Public Meeting moved by Commissioner Hazel, carried unanimously.

    2. Treasurers Report by Commissioner Lini:

      1. Current balance of $63,338.15 in ANC account.

      2. The quarterly Report has been prepared and reviewed in front of public.

        1. Motion to approve and adopt Treasury Report moved by Commissioner Muhammad and carried unanimously.

      3. Motion to Authorize Expenditure of $143.88 to Xerox moved by Secretary Lini, carried unanimously.

    1. Letter of Support for “No Build” tabled until next Executive Committee meeting.

    2. Administrative Procedures reviewed by Commissioner Lini:

      1. Community Discussion:

        1. Commissioner Hazel: In March I stated that the commission is not prepared to vote on procedures, again, I don’t think we are ready.

        2. Commissioner Muhammad: There is no conflict.

        3. Because it was presented in February, we are open to specific concerns at this point, but we should move forward with a vote. We have had months to review this.

        4. Motion to approve Administrative Procedures moved by Commissioner Muhammad, carried by 6:1 majority; Commissioner Hazel voted against.



    1. Presentation of proposed Draft Committee Rules by Commissioner Lini.

    2. Parkside Townhomes Phase 2 Public Space Permit Request explained by Commissioner Lini.

      1. Ms. Joanne Prue: suggests having Developers come in to present to the public.

      2. Commissioners Hazel and Hasan echo that the developers should come in to present.

      3. Motion to table the vote on Letter of No Protest for Parkside Phase 2 until Executive Committee Meeting moved by Commissioner Muhammad, carried unanimously.


  1. Presentation: Mr. Andre Gould, DCHA; Mr. Andre Johnson, The Warenton Group; Ms. Vandana Sareen, The Michaels Organization.

    1. The three presenters explained background of the development partners, background of the project, and details of the proposed project.

    2. Details are included in the enclosed slides provided by the presenters.


  1. Remarks from the Mayors Office of Community Relations and Services: Mr. Wendell Felder announced that the DC Summer Youth Program has been extended to include 22-24 year olds; Announced that he is currently without a partner.


  1. Update on DC Streetcar: Andrea Williams reminded the public of safety tips and provided her contact information (

  1. Update from DC Public Library: Wendell Montague announced the continuance of the Free Summer Feeding Program at the Dorothy I Height Public Library.


  1. Motion to adjourn moved at by Chairperson Muhammad at 9:18 pm, carried by unanimous vote.