Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D 4/14/2015 Meeting

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D Minutes (Unofficial)

Public Meeting

Tuesday, April 14, 2015




  1. Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Chairperson Muhammad.

  2. Commissioners Roll Call/ Establishment of a Quorum:

Commissioner Sherice A. Muhammad, SMD 7D06, Chairperson

Commissioner Justin Lini, SMD 7D07, Treasurer

Commissioner Claude B. McKay, SMD 7D04, Secretary

Commissioner Bob Coomber, SMD 7D01

Quorum Present.


  1. Adoption of Agenda:

    1. Motion to move Chairperson’s Report to follow Establishment of a Quorum moved by Commissioner Muhammad, carried unanimously.

    2. Motion to add two items to the agenda (Motion to Pay Xerox and Motion to Pay for Neighborhood Watch Training) moved by Commissioner Lini, carried unanimously.

    3. Motion to Adopt Agenda as Amended moved by Commissioner McKay, moved unanimously.



    1. Chairperson’s Report by Chairperson Muhammad:

      1. Introduction of Mr. Robert C. White from office of Attorney General Karl A. Racine by Chairperson Muhammad.

        1. Mr. White informed the public of the importance of indepence for the office of Attorney General; Introduced the components of the Keys to Justice Innitiative; Explained the responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General.

      2. Introduction of Mr. Wendell Felder from Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services (MOCRS) by Chairperson Muhammad.

        1. Mr. Felder explained that Mayor Bowser’s current focus is on the city’s budget; informed the public of the Spring Into Action initiative.

      3. Motion to table “No Build” item until May 2015 public meeting moved by Chairperson Muhammad, carried unanimously.

    2. Treasurers Report by Commissioner Lini:

      1. Current balance of $63,338.15 in ANC account.

      2. DC Auditor would withhold Q2 allotment of $3,896.32 because of lack of signature on 2014 3rd Quarter Report.

        1. Signing of 2014 3rd Quarter Report Publicly Announced and Carried Out by current Secretary McKay.

      3. Motion to Authorize Expenditure of No More Than $67.55 for Expenses Related to the May 7th, 2015 Neighborhood Watch Training moved by Secretary Lini, carried unanimously.

      4. Motion to Authorize Payment of $203.60 to the Xerox Corporation for Payment of Invoices from March and January 2015 moved by Secretary Lini, carried unanimously.

    1. Motion to adopt March 2015 Public Meeting Minutes moved by Treasurer Lini, carried unanimously.

    2. Follow up on Letter of Support for the River Terrace Community Organizations School Naming Submission by Secretary McKay:

      1. DCPS has announced that the New Special Education school opening at the former River Terrace Elementary School site will be named River Terrace Education Campus.


  1. Community Concerns:

    1. Mr. Larry Lewis commented on the lack of DDOT inspectors for construction, street work, and backfilling holes regarding local projects.

    2. Ms. Margaret Mitchell made a request for Secretary McKay to look into a red truck with an advertisement for the sale of puppies.

    3. Commissioner Coomber provided an update on the RFK site review.

    4. Ms. Rose Neverdone brought up concern over parking instructions from construction workers in conflict with street cleaning signs, which resulted in parking ticket.

  2. Motion to adjourn moved at by Chairperson Muhammad at 8:21 pm, carried by unanimous vote.