Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D 3/10/2015 Meeting

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D Minutes (Unofficial)

Public Meeting

Tuesday, March 10, 2015



  1. Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm by Chairperson Muhammad. Quorum present. Commissioners in Attendance:

Ms. Sherice A. Muhammad, SMD 7D06, Chairperson

Mr. Justin Lini, SMD 7D07, Treasurer

Ms. Janis D. Hazel, SMD 7D05

Ms. Dorothy Douglas, SMD 7D03, Sgt. at Arms

Mr. Claude B. McKay, SMD 7D04, Secretary

Mr. Siraaj Hasan, SMD 7D02, Vice Chair

Mr. Bob Coomber, SMD 7D01


  1. Motion to adopt February 10, 2015 Minutes with amendment to correct “Lynell Humphrey” and “Liz Pecot” moved by Commissioner Lini, carried by unanimous vote.



    1. Chairperson’s Report by Chairperson Muhammad:

      1. Motion to carry and deliver letter of support for Arcadia Mobile Farmers Market moved by Commissioner Hasan, carried by unanimous vote.

    1. Treasurers Report by Commissioner Lini:

      1. 2015 Quarter1 Report was filed with DC Auditor on February 2.

      2. Auditor requested correction for discrepancies between beginning balance of Quarter 1 and ending balance of the previous quarter.

      3. Motion to pay Xerox bill at $33.12 moved by Commissioner Douglas, Carried by unanimous vote.

      4. Motion to pay reimbursement to Commissioner Hazel at $117.78 for local transportation, parking, business card printing, and office supply expenses moved by Commissioner Hasan, carried by unanimous vote.

      5. Motion to pay reimbursement to Commissioner Douglas at $120.17 for printing and distribution expenses amended to $70.76, moved by Commissioner Hazel, carried by unanimous vote.

      6. Motion to adopt proposed meeting schedule as amended by Commissioner Hazel to maintain meeting times from April through June 2015 and table rescheduling of meeting times for July through December 2015 moved by Commissioner Lini, carried unanimously.

      7. Motion to and to constitute a standing committee of the public to review dates, times and locations of ANC 7D General meetings after June 2015 moved by Commissioner Hazel, carried by unanimous vote.

    2. No Build Minnesota Avenue NE Project Update by Commissioner Douglas:

      1. Commissioner Douglas stated that the community decided in 2003 and in 2009 that they were not in support of the Minnesota Avenue extension.

      2. SMD 7D03 constituents present at the meeting stood to show their support of Commissioner Douglas’s position.

      3. Mr. Samuel Forrest commented recalling previously being part of a committee that gathered signatures and garnered support of council members.

      4. Mr. Murphy Ford commented stating that his house would be the house most negatively affected by Minnesota Avenue extension.

      5. Ms. Johnson commented recalling community meetings in 2009 when community spoke out to not build. Stated “We don’t want this.”

      6. Motion to draft letter of Support from 7D Commission in support of the community for “No Build,” recipients to be determined in the future, moved by Commissioner Hasan carried by unanimous vote.

    3. Motion to table reimbursement to Commissioner Hazel for of 2013 flyer production expenses to Commissioner Hazel at $105.28 until end of meeting moved by Commissioner Hasan. In favor: Commissioners Muhammad, Lin, Coomber, McKay and Hasan. Opposed: Douglas and Hazel. Carried by majority vote.

      1. Additional $8.00 in printing charges not be accounted for, therefore could not be reimbursed; $127.50 for ink cartridges could not be reimbursed under guidelines of the Attorney General.


  1. Remarks from the Mayors Office of Community Relations (MOCRS): Ms. Shanell Simms, MOCRS, announced that Kenilworth Parkside/DCPNI Family reunion is scheduled for March 13, 2015. Provided number for seniors’ snow shoveling assistance: (202) 715-7738. Announced Office of the Mayors Spring into Action Weekend event in 7E.


  1. Remarks from DCPS Office of Family and Engagement: Ms. Sharona Robinson, Community Action Team Coordinator for Wards 7&8 introduced herself and provided update on the River Terrace School naming process.


  1. Remarks from the Office of Council Member Yvette Alexander: Mr. Lionel Humphrey, Constituent Services, provided information about Feb. 20 D.C. Job Fair, YouthBuild, and DC Health Benefits Exchange; Acknowledged constituent concerns.


  1. Remarks from the office of Ward 7 Councilmember Alexander: Mr. Lynell Humphrey provided copies of the Councilmember’s newsletter and announced Tax Resolution Day in March at Deanwood Recreation Center, provided vouchers for discounted circus tickets.


  1. Guest Speakers:

    1. Mr. Wendell Montague, DC Public Library:

      1. Extended use of the Dorothy I. Height Library for ANC business;

      2. Provided details of the library’s calendar;

      3. Announced free tax assistance provided at the library February 2 – April 15, 2015.

    2. Mr. Robert Robinson, Grid 2.0:

      1. Provided background on Pepco/Exelon merger;

      2. Stated the fundamental concern of the merger is that Exelon would become the biggest distributor in the country, and that would lead to higher prices.

      3. Asked ANC 7D to consider enacting a resolution to the Public Service Commission in regards to the merger. Public comments can be filed up to May 13, 2015.

    3. Mr. Campbell Johnson, Urban Housing Alliance:

      1. Provided information on the process to obtain DC Property Tax Reassessments.


  1. Remarks from Ward 7 Councilwoman Alexander:

    1. Three Legislative measures introduced in March:

      1. For persons with terminal illness to have access to FDA Phase I approved drugs

      2. Ban on sale of electronic cigarettes to minors

      3. For Homeless Seniors Foster Care program.

    2. Constituent raised questions around mosquito health concern, hospital in Ward 7 and Economic Development in Ward 7.


  1. Motion to reimburse Commissioner Hazel for of 2013 flyer production expenses to Commissioner Hazel at $105.28 moved by Commissioner Hasan, carried by unanimous vote.

  2. Motion to adjourn moved at by Commissioner Hasan at 9:949 pm, carried by unanimous vote.