About Justin

Hello, I'm Justin Anthony Lini. I want to thank you for visiting my site. Let me tell you a bit about myself. 

I’m married to Tracy, my beautiful wife of six years. We don’t have any children, but we have an adorable cat named Mittens. I came to Washington to study conflict resolution at American University, but fell in love with life in DC. After graduation we decided that we were going to make our lives in The District. After some years, we saved enough to for our home. Parkside was one of the first places we looked- we didn’t know much about the neighborhood then, but loved the peaceful mood and all the old trees. 

My background is in the non profit sector. I work for the American Sociological Association as a program coordinator, where I work with more than one hundred fifty volunteers to manage the communications, finances and policies of fifty-two research committees. That's my day job. When I'm not working, I spend much of my spare time volunteering in our community. Previously I volunteered with the American Red Cross. I did local disaster response worked the night shift - usually going to house fires and giving people a place to stay and a meal. So if you see a Red Cross truck in the neighborhood, that’s probably me.

I have been dedicated to public service for my entire adult life. To me, to be part of a community is to give something back to it.  I served a year as an AmeriCorps member in a social service organization. During that year I served people with severe mental illnesses and learning disabilities. I taught people to read and designed computer skills classes that gave my clients job skills. I also worked with a wide variety of non profit organizations across the Metro Detroit area- serving the community by feeding the homeless, building homes with Habitat for Humanity and helping clean up blighted properties.

Now that I live in our neighborhood, I have actively worked with the Department of Public Works and Department of Transportation to repair damaged street lights and signs, remove litter and graffiti, and tackle other quality of life issues. By my last count, I have reported more than two hundred issues to 311. I am an active participant in the Parkside Civic Association, where I've brought in presenters from nearly a half dozen non profit organizations.