Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D 2/10/2015 Meeting


Please excuse the change in format. Since taking the position of commissioner it has become much more difficult to do a writeup seperate from the commission's minutes as I'm unable to take enough notes and participate in the meeting. Fortunately our secretary, Commissioner Claude McKay keeps excellent minutes, which I have posted here.

Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm by Commissioner Muhammad. Quorum present. Commissioners in Attendance:

 Siraaj Hasan, Eastland Gardens, Mayfair and Lotus Square (7d02), Dorothy Douglas, Kenilworth, Deanwood- west (7d03), Claude McKay, River Terrace (7d04), Janis Hazel, Marshall Heights (7d05), Sherice Muhammad, Deanwood- south, North-Central DC (7d06), Justin A. Lini, Paradise and Parkside (7d07)

Commissioner(s) Absent: Bob Coomber, Kingman Park (7d01)

Adoption of Agenda:

Motion to amend February 10, 2015 agenda to add “No Build” Agenda Item moved by Commissioner Lini. Carried unanimously.

Motion to amend agenda to move Quarter 1 Report 2015 to after adoption of minutes moved by Commissioner Lini, Carried unanimously.

Motion to adopt agenda with stated corrections moved by Commissioner Douglas, carried unanimously.


Adoption of January 13, 2015 and October 14, 2014 Minutes:

Adoption of January 13, 2015 tabled until end of meeting.

Motion to adopt October 14, 2014 with amendment to reflect correct date moved by Commissioner Douglas, carried by majority of 5; 1 abstention: Commissioner Hazel.

Officers’ Reports

Chairman’s Report by Commissioner Muhammad: 

ANC Security Fund completed and approved; Citibank signatory cards transferred; 

Discussion of contract for lease of ANC 7D administrative office; 

Discussion of ANC bylaws and committees.

Treasurers Report by Commissioner Lini: 

Transition of bank signature card, ANC Security fund paid at $25.00; 

Zerox maintenance contract current after outstanding bill paid at $176.50; 

Total monthly expense- $201.50; Current balance $63,665.09 in ANC account; 

In possession of petty cash fund and related records; 

Recommendations about petty cash: 

  • Separate petty cash custodian; 
  • Commission institute a monthly audit of funds; 
  • Petty cash fund be maintained at current level of $37.19. 

Quarterly Report for Quarter 1, 2015 prepared.

Recommendation that Commission adopts set of procedures for logistical issues.


Action Items/Motions: 

Motion to accept, sign and render Letter of Support for Potomac Preparatory Public Charter School moved by Commissioner Hasan, carried unanimously.

Motion to table Agenda Item V.b. (Motion to Incorporate Parliamentary Policies and Procedures in ANC 7D Bylaws) moved by Commissioner McKay, carried unanimously.

Motion to Present Letter of Support for River Terrace School Naming Submissions with revisions to cc: Council Members Alexander and Grosso, Chancellor Henderson, and RTCO moved by Commissioner Lini, approved unanimously.

“No Build” Item discussed by Commissioner Douglas. Background of Minnesota Avenue Extension provided. Discussion included public responses as well as remarks from Commissioner Holmes of ANC 7C.

Remarks from the Office of Council Member Yvette Alexander: Mr. Lionel Humphrey, Constituent Services, provided information about Feb. 20 D.C. Job Fair, YouthBuild, and DC Health Benefits Exchange; Acknowledged constituent concerns.


Guest Speakers:

Mr. Jeremy Mauck, Mobile Market Manager, Arcadia Market, provided background on the organization and requested a letter of support from ANC 7D.

Ms. Zaneta Graves, Director of Strategic Enrollment Initiatives, DC Public Schools, provided information about School Boundaries and Feeders proposal and guaranteed Pre K education.

Mr. Henry Tucker, Academy of Ideal Education (AIE), provided information on background and merits of AIE; Submitted written request of ANC 7D’s support for the BZA’s approval of AIE’s application for Special Exception. 


Motion to Complete and Provide Letter of Support for AIE moved by 

Commissioner Douglas, carried unanimously.

Remarks from Captain C.V. Morris: Introduction and community questions; 6D will probably be moved to Merrit School site (49th and Hayes streets) by summer.

Motion to adopt January 13, 2015 minutes as amended to reflect that Motion to Pay Reimbursements was tabled, instead of “Did Not Carry” moved by Commissioner Lini, carried unanimously.

Motion to adopt Quarterly Report for Quarter 1 (October- December 2015) moved by Commissioner Lini, carried unanimously.