Improve Public Services

I will make improving public services in our neighborhood my top priority. I will work to make district agencies more aware of service issues in our neighborhood. Having spent quite a few hours requesting services for the neighborhood, I know that it can be a challenging process.

Constituent Services is one of the most important jobs of an ANC. I may not be a commissioner, but I’ve helped neighbors with questions about starting up nonprofit organizations, worked to get graffiti removed, and new lights installed at Minnesota Avenue Metro. I have reported nearly forty issues to 311 in the last six months and have begun to build relationships with agencies like DPW and DC Water.

If elected I will use a system for electronically tracking constituent services requests so that nothing falls between the cracks. To protect your privacy I will not store your personal information or pass it along to anyone unless you say it’s alright.

I will work to combat littering by pushing for the installation of garbage cans in our community’s public spaces.

I will work to get better maintenance and security on our current pedestrian bridge, and ensure that there is a plan in place for taking care of the new bridge.