Commissioner Lini in the News

Commissioner Lini Interviewed in the Washington Post

"Lini said that in opting for a shutdown instead of single-tracking, Metro failed to consider the needs of residents. He noted that the surge is happening during the last month of the school year, when it’s vital that children arrive at school on time. A large percentage of the neighborhood’s students rely on Metro to get to school, he said."


Commissioner Lini Authors Article on Anacostia River Cleanup

"...without the clean-up, Kenilworth Park may remain a no man’s land"

Justin Lini authored an article in Greater Greater Washington on the importance of cleaning up pollution in Kenilworth Park.


Commissioner Lini reports on WMATA Budget Hearing

"...there have already been reports of workers sleeping in their offices because they could not get home."

Commissioner Lini testified, and witnessed more than five hours of the marathon ten hour hearing and reported back on the the experiance.



Commissioner Lini Interviewed on Kojo Nnamdi

"Transportation access is opportunity."

Commissioner Lini was invited to speak on the Kojo Nnamdi show alongside Eastland Gardens resident Candice Rhett and Kriston Capps, staff writer for the Atlantic CityLab website.


Commissioner Lini Quoted in Washington Post

"How am I supposed to support them when they’re using all of east of the river as a bargaining chip? At best this is a tone deaf distraction, but I can guarantee you most people east of the river aren’t going to see it that way."

Commissioner Lini was quoted in Dr. Gridlock expressing opposition to proposed WMATA Service cuts.


Commissioner Lini Writes ANC Explainer Article

"ANCs weigh in on many of the decisions that the District's governing bodies make."

Commissioner Lini drafts new article explaining the role of Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners for Greater Greater Washington.


Commissioner Lini Authors Article on Future of Benning Road Service Center

"Given the considerable investment going into the community, the Pepco site is looking increasingly anachronistic in its current state, but its proximity to Metro, the streetcar, and I-295 give it incredible potential. With the right changes, it could provide much-needed economic opportunities to Ward 7 residents and become the economic and social center that Ward 7 has long lacked."

Commissioner Lini wrote an article on the Urban Land Institute's recommendtions for the future of the PEPCO Benning Road Service Center.