Reports on Recent ANC Meetings

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D 2/10/2015 Meeting


Please excuse the change in format. Since taking the position of commissioner it has become much more difficult to do a writeup seperate from the commission's minutes as I'm unable to take enough notes and participate in the meeting. Fortunately our secretary, Commissioner Claude McKay keeps excellent minutes, which I have posted here.

Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm by Commissioner Muhammad. Quorum present. Commissioners in Attendance:


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D 12/9/2014 Meeting

Lisa White (7D01 Kingman Park), Joanna Prue (7D04 River Terrace), Janis Hazel (7D05 Benning Heights), were present.

Donna Muhammad (7D03 Kenilworth), Ericka Black (7D06 Mahoning Heights) and Willie Woods (7D07 Paradise and Parkside) were not present. Commission Seat (7D02 Eastland Gardens and Mayfair Mansions) is currently vacant.